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Working with phobias & trauma using Eye Movement Integration Therapy

What is Eye Movement Integration therapy?


Eye Movement Integration (EMI) is very different to the other kind of 'talking therapy' that I offer. It is an effective, short term and non-invasive way of working specifically with phobia and trauma.

Eye Movement Integration (EMI) is a form of neuro therapy first developed in the 1980's by Steve & Connirae Andreas. It is an incredibly quick, effective and non-invasive type of short term treatment used for working with phobias as well as mild to severe trauma.. It works on almost any kind of phobia and trauma ranging from car accidents to sexual assault, from a fear of heights to fear of driving, from military post traumatic stress to repeated childhood abuse. It can be effective in anywhere from 1 – 6 sessions.








How does it work?


It is said that we are born with on 2 fears; the fear of falling (being dropped) and fear of loud noises. Everything else is learnt as a result of life experiences. Sometimes events can have such a profound impact on us that they leave a lasting mark in the form of phobia or post-traumatic stress. Essentially this is where the body enters a flight, fight or freeze response based on certain stimuli. It can be very difficult to move on from these things without intensive therapy.


Sometimes phobia and trauma can get “locked” within the brain and body. EMI works very quickly to “unlock” this frozen state, which can often be experienced in the case of trauma as flashbacks, intrusive memories, nightmares & unwanted physical sensations etc. And in phobia, as an overwhelming and unreasonable sense of intense fear, anxiety and panic leading to avoidance.


I will ask you to recall the memory of the event as well as the feeling or emotion attached to it. I will then direct your eyes to move in specific patterns. Basically, this allows the entire brain to properly process the memory of the event rather than just the one area that is “stuck”. Once the technique is complete, you can still remember the event clearly, but the emotional/physical reaction has greatly reduced or disappeared entirely. Quite simply, it opens the way to allow the brain to heal itself.


What to expect from EMI with me


The first appointment will take 1.5 hours and will start with an assessment of your suitability for the technique. I will need to gather certain information, then we will begin to lay the foundations to work using this technique safely. Subsequent sessions will usually be fortnightly and be for either 1 or 1.5 hours depending on your needs. The work should be completed anywhere between 1 – 6 sessions.


EMI is an astonishingly quick and effective technique and to some people seems a little like magic. I must admit, when I first came across this technique, I was sceptical. But having experienced this directly on my terrible fear of heights, as well as using it with many clients now, I can absolutely attest to its effectiveness.

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