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About Counselling



If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready for a change. Perhaps life hasn’t turned out as you expected, or something has happened to you that you just can’t make sense of or move on from. Maybe you don’t even know why you’re not ok and just want to figure things out… 


Whatever the reason, therapy can offer you the time and space to offload, express yourself and work towards finding deeper levels of self-awareness and heightened levels of self-fulfilment. 


I can provide a compassionate and safe environment for this exploration over short or longer periods of time with varying levels of depth. All dependant on what you want or need at this moment in your life. 

Counselling will always be different for everyone because no two people are the same


There is no one else quite like you. Only you have experienced your life, felt your joy, and cried your tears. You are unique! I believe in encouraging you to be you, helping you to be become freer from life’s conditioning and expectations. For this reason, I am very flexible in my approach to therapy and offer a wide range of research and evidence-based tools and interventions that can really work. 


A wise man once said that “change can happen” and in my 12 years of experience I have seen this demonstrated even after the darkest of times. As your therapist, I make a deep commitment to be alongside you for as long as you need.

Counselling room

Finding the right counsellor


I know from experience that it can be a little daunting when looking for a counsellor... You might be asking yourself questions like “Who should I choose?”, "How do I know if they will be any good?", “Does it mean that I'm insane if I need a therapist?” or “Does counselling even work?...”


"Who should I choose?"


There are many things to take into consideration when looking for a new counsellor and it can be an overwhelming experience. Firstly, I would always recommend finding a counsellor that is fully qualified, a member of a professional organisation and holds relevant insurance. The best way is to meet with a few different counsellors and see how you get on. Go with your gut and trust your initial impressions. This is a time when you can share your story, ask any questions and hopefully get to know the counsellor a little to allow you to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right counsellor for you. This is also a time for the counsellor to decide if he or she is the right person, in a professional sense, to work with you and what you want to explore.


"How do I know if they will be any good?"


You need to decide this for yourself. Counselling is centred around the relationship between client and counsellor which means that no two people will have the same experience. As in any profession, you get varying degrees of quality of work. The bottom line is that counsellors should act in accordance to an ethical framework meaning that they must treat you fairly and ethically. If you feel unhappy with this aspect of the work then bring it up with your counsellor if you can, it could be great learning. If you feel unable to do this then you can speak to their governing body, such as the BACP. 


“Does it mean that I'm insane if I need a therapist?”


No, in fact it means quite the opposite! Searching for, and undergoing therapy is a sign of incredible strength, courage and sanity. I commend you for even going this far. For many people it can be one of the most liberating experiences they will have because quite simply, it allows you to explore your own truth. 


"Does counselling even work?"


There is more and more research based evidence to say that talking therapy really works! Counselling works best when there is a strong commitment to it from the client, when the relationship between counsellor and client is strong, and when you believe therapy will work. I've seen miraculous changes happen very quickly, I've also seen smaller changes happen over longer periods of time. It's really all dependant on what you need and how ready you are. 


“How many counsellors does it take to change a light bulb?... One, but the light bulb has to want to change!”   

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